Sea freight Seattle, WA United States of America (the) to Houston, TX United States of America (the) with 20ft container

You are looking for a calculation for a container freight with 20ft container to Houston, TX (USHOU). Below you can find an estimation of the rate from Seattle, WA to Houston, TX with a 20ft shipping container.

The data of this sea freight estimation.

Shipping rate calculations Seattle, WA (United States of America (the)) to Houston, TX (USHOU)

Extra information
Disclaimer: Please note that rates are based on estimations. does not provide shipping service.
Share quote: Shipping company and specialized in specific routes? Help us by sending a rate. Just one rate a week is already enough to help with the estimations of costs. By sending rates we are able to improve the estimations, the more rate we receive, the better the estimations will be.

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From Seattle, WA To Houston, TX

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